Monday, December 1, 2008

Productive but not

There are so many things that did not get done over the holiday break. I blame myself mostly and my writing my novel. But that is over! Thank heavens. 53 thousands words and I'm good for awhile. I won't start the editing process until the new year.

Chris made huge strides in the office. And the dining room table is finally set up. We have a light in the closet under the stairs and I have moved the big wine rack to where I want it.

We went to a workshop on how to install a door, that wasn't actually happening, but we got shown how anyway. So we will be installing our new front door next Sunday.

But the big news is...Chris will be installing our new dishwasher on SATURDAY!! Whoo-hoo!! The one we were thinking of getting was on sale during Black Friday and his mom gave us the okay so we got it! It won't be delivered until Saturday and I'll be at work, but I'm confident Chris can handle it. My dad installed one a few years ago and Chris is way handier than my dad.

I tried to start on my outside Christmas decorations yesterday, but it was just too windy. Hopefully I can get to them on Friday which I have off.

The big party is two weeks away and there is LOTS to do, but I'm sure it can all get done. I'm really excited about it all.


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